Pendidikan Orang Dewasa (Andragogy)

  • Jauhan Budiwan


The purpose of writing this article are: 1) Understanding the understanding and concepts of science underlying adult learning; 2) Knowing the history and
development of andragogy; 3) Understanding the implementation of adult education (Andragogy) which includes adult learning needs, adult education
principles, adult learning conditions, the effect of decreased adult physical factors, adult education methods, the implications for adult learning, and the
advantages. By using the theory of andragogy of adult learning activities or activities within the framework of development or realization of the
achievement of lifelong educational ideals can be obtained with the support of theoretical concepts or the use of technology that can be justified. the
disadvantage is that how can a student who is not very knowledgeable about the extent of knowledge and then freed choose what they like? As if the
Andragogy system was just as a system that only encouraged its students and forgot for what purpose it really was. Andragogy helps others to grow and
mature. In Andragogy, the involvement of adults in the learning process is much greater, because from the beginning must be held a diagnosis of needs,
formulate goals, and evaluate learning outcomes and implement them together.  


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